RIO-TEK Canada Inc. Machining & Supply Services
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RIO-TEK Canada Inc. Machining & Supply Services

Quality Policy

Through each of our leadership qualities, it is the desire and determination of Rio-Tek Canada to do everything possible - within our capabilities - to persistently:

  • Meet and exceed expectations of all interested parties.
  • Build our customer base by promoting our products/services.
  • Support/encourage-strengthen the synergy and needs of all interested parties.
  • Analyse data to enhance our personal and corporate capabilities-for continual improvement.

RIO-TEK Canada Inc. Machining & Supply Services

RIO-TEK Canada Inc. Machining & Supply Services

Rio-Tek Canada Inc. was established in 2003 by Robert J. Riopel (Rob). Rob has over 20 years experience catering to the industrial sector providing production and technical support for a variety of other companies, some of which he co-founded, developed and sold his interest in and retired. Encouraged by various associates to return to the industry to continue his commitment of high quality, reliability and integrity, he opened Rio-Tek Canada Inc.

The Rio-Tek Canada Inc. facility is located in Edmonton with easy access to all main travel routes.

The Quality Management System (QMS) was developed by Rob and influenced by his many years experience in business adding a blended format of ISO 9001:2008 and API Q1.

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